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Taylor Marine Delivering High-Tech for Australian Maritime Defence Industry

Australia’s Taylor Marine has built an enviable reputation distributing and supporting top-shelf maritime navigation and communication systems for vessels from Incat and Austal fast ferries to state water police search and rescue vessels, Australian Border Force and Austal’s Guardian Class Pacific Patrol Boats.

Taylor Marine will also provide the Furuno navigation suite and Anschutz steering and rudder angle indicator system for Australia’s Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels under Project SEA 1180.

Taylor Marine’s Henderson headquarters includes Major Projects offices and the ISO9001 Certified Deep Sea Service Coordination Centre, managing the company’s 24/7 support in all major Australian shipping ports.

Taylor Marine also provides Hatteland Technology’s electronic chart tables, the WASSP Multibeam Rapid Deployable Sounder and, a recent addition, the range of SeaFLIR Shipboard Thermal and Multi-Spectral Surveillance Systems, including the SeaFLIR SF230, SF280 and SF380 imaging systems, already surveillance systems of choice for vessels and aircraft around the world.

“The FLIR Systems range provides the power to see clearly in total darkness, through solar glare and through light fog and smoke,” said Taylor Marine Business Development Manager Len Corstiaans.

SeaFLIR Thermal Imagaing

But they are more than just cameras; on-board systems plot locations or slave other systems to identified targets.

Laser illumination and pointer options integrate with night vision systems, covertly light up wide areas, point out distant targets to other forces, and determine target distance and location.

Integrated with the vessel’s systems, they provide remote weapon control, automatic target/threat detection, man overboard search and track and covert surveillance.

At PACIFIC 2019 a transport glitch left a disappointed Taylor Marine reworking an empty space where a range of SeaFLIR and WASSP products were meant to be showcased.

PACIFIC 2019 was also the intended launch venue for the WASSP W3 Multi Beam sounder Rapid Deployment System (RDS), giving Navy, Maritime Police and Search and Rescue organisations a portable carbon-fibre mast-mounted sounding system that can be deployed over the side or transom of a small vessel in minutes.

With its mast-mounted transducer, motion sensor and satellite compass, the WASSP can quickly and effectively profile the sea floor and water column in search of sunken vessels, aircraft and vehicles, or remap a sea floor altered by natural disasters or conflict, which is key to ensuring the safety of relief and rescue vessels.

WASSP Rapid Deployment System (RDS)

The W3 RDS sends sea floor data to a mother ship's bridge system via a wireless link, feeding WASSP CDX display software or the MaxSea navigation plotting platform - all in real-time.


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