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Anschuetz Singapore Appreciation Dinner

It was a great honour for members of our Management Team to attend the Anschuetz Singapore Appreciation Dinner held during Asia Pacific Maritime 2024 in Singapore.

"We had a small dinner gathering and appreciation night for our partners and resellers to thank them for their support amidst of the challenges we have had. My heartfelt thanks to all our partners and resellers from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Australia as well as our guest and colleagues from China.

As a token of appreciation, Anschuetz Singapore took the initiative to commend their efforts and support during this opportunity in APM 2024.

Thanks for attending our dinner event and we work towards our common goal to serve our customers well."

Mr Ron Lee Chor Yong - Chief Executive Officer

Taylor Marine Australia is a leading service and solutions provider of navigation and communications equipment to the Australian maritime industry. Our coverage of all major ports, shipyards and shipping terminals around Australia ensures that we remain committed to your operational needs.

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