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Limited Warranty Policy

J.N. Taylor & Company Pty Ltd (“JNT”) accepts the manufacturers limited warranty responsibilities ONLY for equipment imported by ourselves and distributed through our authorised dealers. Unless prior warranty authorisation has been received from our Principals, JNT does NOT accept any warranty responsibilities for equipment purchased outside of Australia or through a non-authorised reseller. For a full list of our products and authorised Australian distributors please check our web site:

All products imported by JNT comply with the Australian Communications & Media Authorities C-Tick program. The JNT ACMA C-Tick Declaration of Conformity does not cover equipment that has been imported by a business or individual from an overseas supplier.

The Limited Warranty commences from date of purchase of products by the original owner. Products or components that are represented as being waterproof are guaranteed to satisfy the IP Rating specified in the equipment specifications only, for and within the limits of the warranty period stated above.

Subject to the manufacturer’s warranty, authorisation and acceptance, JNT will itself, or through an authorised agent, provide warranty in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty Policy, provided the work is to be carried out during normal working hours and within a radius of 50 kilometres of the service location for equipment that cannot be easily removed. It is at the discretion of JNT to request that the equipment be returned to its Service Centre or to the nearest Authorised Service Agent for repair. At their own discretion, JNT or its authorised Service Agent will only attend onboard repairs if sufficient proof is given that the equipment has been installed and commissioned by one of its authorised agents. Routine maintenance or normal adjustments are not covered by this warranty.

Suitable proof of purchase showing date of purchase and serial numbers must be made available to JNT or their authorised agent at time of requesting a warranty service.


Products that fall under “The Trailer Boat Range” are a return to base repair / service. Please check with your dealer.

To process a warranty claim for products purchased through an authorised distributor in Australia please contact us.

Warranty Limitations

1.     Warranty does not apply to equipment that has been damaged due to improper installation or operation or that has been subject to accident, shipping damage, abuse, water damage, misuse, alterations, incorrect and or non-authorised service or which has had the serial number plate removed or tampered with.

2.     This warranty does not cover routine maintenance, alignment/calibration, sea-trials or commissioning.

3.     JNT assumes no responsibility for damage caused by or to other systems through interfacing or networking of equipment.

4.     Loss of Data: JNT will take care to preserve and backup owner stored data but cannot be held responsible or liable for loss of data. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep backup copies of data.

5.     Consumable items including fuses, batteries, drive belts, MIC’s impellers, bearings etc are specifically excluded from this warranty.

6.     All associated costs with transducer replacement other than the cost of the transducer itself are specifically excluded from this warranty. The following is specifically excluded but not limited to: dry docking, shipyard fees and lifts, shipwright work, surveyor fees etc.

7.     Overtime outside of normal working hours or travel that exceeds the 100km round trip limit is not covered by this warranty and is for the customer’s account.

8.     Freight is not covered in this warranty. All equipment is to be sent freight paid. Equipment repaired under warranty will be returned via normal road freight and will be covered under this warranty. If any other freight method is requested this would be for the owner’s account.

9.     Travel costs other than normal motor vehicle mileage (100km), tolls and two (2) hours travel time, are specifically excluded from this warranty. Costs which are excluded include but are not limited to: taxi fares, aircraft rental / tickets, accommodation, customs, launch fees, shipping and communication charges etc.

10.   This warranty specifically excludes JNT and its authorised Service Agents from any liability for any consequential damages including but not limited to the loss or damage to any vessel, structure, or to any person or persons or any delay suffered in connection with the equipment. This includes but is not limited to: any loss of profit, business, contracts, opportunity, goodwill or other similar loss.

11.   All products sold or provided hereunder are merely aids to navigation. It is the responsibility of the user to exercise discretion and proper navigation skill independent of any product.

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