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Jotron Float Free EPIRB - just $699

From 1st January 2021, float-free emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs) will be mandatory on certain types of Australian domestic commercial vessels.

Jotron Tron 60GPS-National float-free EPIRB

Taylor Marine are very pleased to introduce the latest Jotron float-free EPIRB, the TRON 60GPS-NATIONAL available now for $699

The Jotron Tron 60GPS is a premium float-free, auto activate EPIRB designed to improve safety at sea. A compact and tamper proof float-free EPIRB designed for commercial users. This EPIRB has a float-free bracket and complies with Australian NSCV regulation.

NOTE! The Jotron Tron 60GPS-National is programmed with serialized AMSA protocols for domestic vessels only and cannot be programmed with call sign or MMSI as is required by GMDSS programmed units. For this option please enquire about the Jotron Tron -60GPS EPIRB, also available from Taylor Marine.


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