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It's here...Time Zero Professional v4

Updated: May 1, 2019

The future of Professional Marine PC Navigation, Advanced Weather Forecasting and Fish Finding technology is here!

TZ Professional features some of the most advanced navigation, weather forecasting and fishing tools all in one simple to use and surprisingly affordable platform.

Weather Forecast:

TZ Professional V4 offers a new and innovative weather presentation using particle animation. It is now very easy to visualize the “flow” of weather and oceanographic conditions such as wind, currents and waves.

To access the various types of presentation and data, new presets have been added making it very easy to access useful weather information.

High Resolution Oceanographic Forecast:

The Premium Ocean-O service available in TZ Professional is intended for pelagic fishing. This new option aims to define the best fishing areas. Indeed, pelagic species move according to different parameters such as altimetry, surface temperature or currents. TZ Professional is the only system that offers multi-day oceanographic forecast service, allowing you to go directly to the area with the best fishing potential!

TZ Professional’s Oceano-O service saves you time and optimizes your fuel costs.

Multi-beam sounders integration - EVEN BETTER!!

Scanning, drawing, mapping and analyzing the seafloor has never been more reliable. The FURUNO DFF3D and WASSP real size swath is now displayed in 2D and 3D when PBG is enabled.

Up to 500,000 Fish Targets are now automatically saved in a database. Thanks to this new database, the Fish Targets can now be displayed on the Chart and on the 3D Cube.

New Bottom Lock & Bottom Zoom sounder views are also available. This display helps you separate the fish near the bottom from the sea bed. In addition, the expanding display of the bottom and the fish near the bottom is very useful in determining the density of the bottom.

Bottom Hardness compatibility:

The new Bottom Hardness module allows you to investigate the bottom conditions precisely. It can now be recorded via NMEA0183 using various types and brands of sounders.

The Bottom Hardness feature clearly shows the seafloor hardness, essential for locating productive ground.

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