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Anschütz Standard 22 Gyro Compass - 25,000 strong!

Updated: May 31

JN Taylor & Co. Pty Ltd. trading as Taylor Marine, a leading Australian service provider to the maritime offshore, commercial and merchant shipping industry is proud to be part of the Anschutz success story.

Anschütz has sold almost 25,000 Standard 22 family compasses, with more and more replacement spheres being added every year. After an average of five years, the gyrospheres are sent back from the field to Anschütz for overhaul, during which all wearing parts are replaced. The refurbished gyrospheres must fulfil the same performance requirements and pass the same quality tests as new ones before they are put back into circulation in the field.

In this way, Anschütz supports compass models over several decades, ensuring reliability and performance as well as preserving the value of the investment for our customers. The refurbishment of gyrospheres also conserves resources and contributes to greater sustainability in shipping.

As the sole OFFICIAL SERVICE PARTNER in Australia of Anschütz, Taylor Marine has invested in FASKs (Fly Away Spares Kits) and Service Technicians with the latest manufacturer training and certifications. Our expertise and commitment to holding spares ensures timely attendance for breakdown repairs and planned maintenance and service.

This year, Anschütz will manufacture and sell the 25,000th gyrocompass in the Standard 22 compass family. This figure is an honour for the quality and superior performance of the Anschütz Standard 22 and, at the same time, an incentive and obligation for us and the entire Anschütz Group to continue investing in the quality of our gyrocompasses as well as in the sustainable support of our customers in the field.

We are extremely excited to see where we will discover this compass on board...

For further information about Anschütz products or service around Australia, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales and Support team.

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