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1st January 2021 DEADLINE: Domestic Commercial Vessel EPIRB requirements

An EPIRB is a critical piece of safety equipment for crew and passengers on sinking or capsized vessels, in a fire, collision or vessel grounding. Make sure that you are familiar with the new AMSA requirements that come into effect on 1st January 2021.

The Jotron Tron 60GPS - National is a compact and tamper proof float-free EPIRB designed for commercial users. This EPIRB has a float-free bracket and complies with Australian NSCV regulation. With a high-intensity LED located at the top of the antenna, the Tron 60GPS – National has optimal visibility.


  • Class leading quality

  • ​5 years warranty

  • 7 years battery life

  • Compact design

  • Tamper proof

  • Optimal visibility

Order your quality Jotron Tron 60 GPS Domestic Commercial Vessel compliant Float Free EPIRB from Taylor Marine direct. Contact Us

For further details on the DCV float free EPIRB requirements, visit AMSA website


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